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Thanks to its excellent location, the village of Spišské Bystré provides a wide range of hiking or in the cadastre of the village or in the vicinity and distant surroundings.

Spišské Bystré

A distinctive foothill village southwest of Poprad in the western part of the Hornád Basin, a stretching tectonic depression between the Low Tatras and goat hills, uprooting the Bystrá estuary to Hornád. The establishment of the settlement "villa Cubach" is connected with the establishment of a monastery in Spišské Štiavnik after 1223, the first written mention of it is in the document from 1294, confirming helebrand's agreement with the Spiš bathrobe Bald, which divided the power and income from settlements founded by German colonists. The name Cubach comes from the German Kuh (cow) and Bach (stream). In 1332, the Church of St. Michael was mentioned. The village was known for the production of felt flatbeds in "follies" – log cabins with water wheel – which resembles a water wheel in the center of the village. Until the 20th century, the village changed its owners, it was destroyed several times by fire. The current form of the (also fire-ravaged) church dates back to the early 20th century. After the Second World War, in 1948 the original name of the village of Kubachy was changed according to the name of the local stream to Spišské Bystré. In the 1980s, the ski resort Ski centrum Kubašok was built on the southeastern edge of the village, which provides very good opportunities for beginaning and demanding skiers.

In the cadastre of our village you will find 2 educational hiking trails:


Have you ever thought about what it's like to breathe underwater? If you want to find out, but are not ready to immerse yourself in the certification diving course, then Aquacity Poprad is for you!

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The Kubašok Ski Centre, located directly in the village of Spišské Bystré, will provide skiing for the whole family.

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The Black Stork Golf Resort in Veľká Lomnica, on the sunny side of the High Tatras, is a popular spot not only for golfers.

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